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Jainson Labsa Acid Slurry is available in three more categories:

• Commercial Grade
• General Grade
• Economy Grade


LABSA Acid Slurry is available in every sizes.
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) 90% is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant. LABSA 90% is widely used in the formulation of Domestic use Detergent Powder, Cakes & Dish wash cleaners i.e. liquid soaps. It constitutes the formulation of industrial cleaners and also acts as emulsifier and coupling agent.



Acid Slurry(LABSA) successfully run across the India and meet the customer requirement.


It is relatively lower in cost, high power strength for making liquid soap.

High viscosity

Acid Slurry(LABSA) produces high viscosity of liquid soap and generate 15 to 18 times yield of liquid soap.

Good production

Acid Slurry(LABSA) produce good colour, good shining with crystal clear appearance of liquid soap.


It is available in 35 kg, 55 kg, 230kg blue HDPE carboys/drum and tanker load also.


It produces high cleaning power with good foaming capacity of liquid soap