Our Businesses

We have our businesses in multiple areas

We are in FMCG

Jainson has now expanded in FMCG sector too. Launched 2 new products:
• Jainson Shine More
• Jainson Daily Wash


An intelligent replacement of soap bar

Jainson Daily Wash

High Quality Replacement of Detergent powder
Buyback Offer

We believe in expansion without compromising the quality of the product. 

LABSA Acid Slurry

Acid Slurry(LABSA) successfully run across the India and meet the customer requirement.

LABSA Acid Slurry 90%

It s the largest-volume synthetic surfactant and we are one of the biggest manufacture.

We are in wholesale

Jainson manufacture LABSA Acid Slurry in three major categories:
• Commercial Grade
• General Grade
• Economy Grade