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Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) 90%Β is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant. LABSA 90% is widely used in the formulation of Domestic use Detergent Powder, Cakes & Dish wash cleaners i.e. liquid soaps. It constitutes the formulation of industrial cleaners and also acts as emulsifier and coupling agent.

Active detergent=90%

Features of LABSA 90%:
  1. High Active Matter
  2. Quick Miscibility with water
Uses of LABSA 90%:
  1. Synthetic Detergent Industries in formulation of Washing Powder
  2. Detergent Powder
  3. Detergent Cake
  4. Liquid Soap
  5. Cleaning Powder
  6. Oil soaps etc.
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